Skilled hands, expertise developed over generations, paired with passion - these are the secrets of our craftsmen in Tuscany. Patient and with a true love of details they create something exquisitely unique, reflecting a sense of tradition. Each piece is made individually and special care is taken in every single aspect.


The usage of leather goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. Although it is such an established profession, each tannery has their own unique way of tanning, treating and flex the leather.

The tanning process of the Kagino leather is done in Tuscany, in a heritage tannery with over hundred years of expertise. It takes about thirty days and involves many stages to reach the final product. The tannery takes special care in each step. The process begins from the selection of the skin, which is exclusively of French origin, until the final inspection of each piece. Through this process, the fine leather quality from Kagino is created.


A clean design with focus on details makes these items identifiably unique. The details are not only in the construction, but as well in the selection of our materials, processing and hardware. Our metal hardware is selected with care and has the main focus on functionality, which meets design. Each piece is inspected on durability and smoothness - to zip, fasten and snap. A polished gold finish with a beautiful shine blends perfectly with our leather and lining, providing the elegant finish our customers appreciate.